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"Boot Camps"

Boot Camps

Customization:    We customize our curriculum to your needs and time constraints. We work with your instructors, if you wish to include your own staff.

Students:    Our instructors pace the training and present workshops based on students' experience and background. Students in our boot camp programs have many different backgrounds, ranging from those who have worked for many years in non-computer positions on the business side to IS college graduates and experienced programmers switching to a new area of expertise.

Workshops:    In addition to class exercises and discussion, our workshops range from specific key-stroke exercises, to loosely-structured short workshops, to comprehensive, intensive, multi-day case studies and hackathons.

Contact Us for More Information:    Call us at 212-730-5245, or if you prefer, email us to receive more information.  We are pleased to customize courses and develop new courses to meet your needs.

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