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 UNIX Courseware
  Bourne Shell Programming   3 days  P1  BF/H
  Comprehensive UNIX   5 days  P1  BF/H
  Introduction to AWK   1 day  P1  BF/H
  Introduction to UNIX   3 days  P1  BF/H
  Korn Shell Features
  for Bourne Shell Programmers
  1 day  P1  BF/H
  Korn Shell Programming   3 days  P1  BF/H
  Perl:  Introduction   3-4 days  P1  BF/H
  Shell Programming  (Korn and Bourne Shells and BASH)   3 days  P1  BF/H
  UNIX Shell and Command Tools   5 days  P1  BF/H
  vi Visual Editor   2 days  P1  BF/H
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 Mainframe Courseware
  ANSI SQL:  Introduction   2 days  P1  A/H
  CICS:  Advanced   5 days  P3  A/H
  CICS TS (Transaction Server) Programming   5 days  P1  A/H
  COBOL Entry Level Programming  25(+) days  P1  A/H
  COBOL for Programmers   5-8 days  P1  A/H
  COBOL:  Entertrise COBOL Dump Debugging   3 days  P1  A/H
  Data Modeling Workshop   2 days  P1  A/C
  DB2 Application Design and Tuning   3 days  P1  A/
 C/opt H
  DB2/SQL Version 8 and 9 Application Development   5 days  P1  A/H
  DB2/SQL Application Programming, Advanced   5 days  P1  A/H
  DB2 Commands and Utilities   2-3 days  P3  A/H
  IMS Database Application Development (IMS DB)   5 days  P1  A/H
  IMS Fundamentals   2 days  P1  A/H
  IMS MFS (Message Formatting Service)   3 days  P1  A/H
  IMS Transaction Manager Programming
  - IMS TM Programming   (Formerly called IMS DC)
  3 days  P1  A/H
  ISPF Dialog Developer
  (Formerly called TSO ISPF Dialog Manager)
  5 days  P1  A/H
  Java for COBOL Programmers   5 days  P3  BF/H
  JCL for z/OS MVS   5 days  P1  A/H
  MVS and OS/390 Overview   1 day  P1  A
  MVS/TSO REXX   3-4 days  P1  A/H
  PL/I Intermediate/Advanced Programming   5 days  P2  BF/H
  PL/I Introductory Programming   5 days  P2  BF/H
  QMF Workshop   3 days  P1  A/H
  SQL:  Advanced   2 days  P2  A/H
  TSO CLIST Programming   3 days  P1  BF/H
  TSO ISPF Dialog Manager
 (Currently called ISPF Dialog Developer)
  5 days  P1  A/H
  TSO/ISPF   (Also known as PDF.)   3-4 days  P1  A/H
  VSAM CICS COBOL Programming   2 days  P1  A/H
  VSAM COBOL Programming   2 days  P1  A/H
  VSAM / IDCAMS Utility   2 or 3 days  P1  A/H
  z/OS MVS JCL   5 days  P1  A/H
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 Mainframe:  Tools Courseware
  Abend-AID for CICS  (Formerly called Abend-AID/FX)   1 day  P1  A/H
  File-AID MVS   3 days  P1  A/H
  Mainframe Fundamentals
  for Distributed and Web Programmers
  1 day  P1  Some: A/C/H
  XPEDITER/CICS Debugging   3 or 2 days  P1  A/H
  Xpediter for DB2   2 days  P1  A/H
  Xpediter/TSO   1-2 days  P1  A/H
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 "Boot Camp" Courseware

Our courses are easily combined to create programming "Boot Camps" of almost any duration.  (We also have quizzes and case studies that can be presented to enhance the learning process.)
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*  Prices, format, and courseware availability may change without notice.

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